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Our Technology

One of JMN Logistics and Transportation's key strengths is that we stay on the cutting edge of technology. As our mission states, we use technology as our tool to ensure an auto shipping experience that is unmatched in service, safety and reliability. JMN Logistics and Transportation use ATLIS, one of the most advanced operating systems in the shipping and storage industry.

  • ATLIS - JMN Logistics and Transportation utilize this web based transportation management system designed specifically for the auto transportation industry. ATLIS is also able to connect electronically via EDI and a multitude of other interfaces which makes communication between JMN and its' customers more efficient than ever before. The web-based format of ATLIS also allows customers to see the status of their shipments 24/7.
  • ePOD- The ePod system (Electronic Proof of Delivery) is a mobile application that is designed to be a paperless way to acquire proof of delivery, get real time tracking, eliminate paperwork mistakes, and improve damage coding.  All drivers have the app loaded onto their mobile device.  Once a load is dispatched to the driver from our system it will automatically appear in the app.  When the driver arrives at the origin to pick up the units he will inspect the vehicles and enter the results in the app.  Once the driver arrives at his destination he repeats this process but with the recipient of the vehicles.  Upon completion, the shipper and destination receive an email copy of the proof of delivery.  This also updates our system to show the vehicles have been delivered.