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Tips to Expedite Your Auto Shipping Experience

Many people call JMN Logistics with one question. "What do I need to do to ship my vehicle"? There are many steps that have to be taken for a vehicle to be successfully transported. Most of the responsibility lies in the hands of the vehicle transportation company, but there are some things that you, the customer, can do to help things go smoothly. When calling a transport company to place an order to ship your car, below is a list of things to have ready.

  • Origin address and contact information (name, phone number, availability)
  • Destination address and contact information (name, phone number, availability)
  • Payment Information
  • Vehicle Identification Number.
  • Year, make, model of vehicle
  • Desired time frame for shipping your vehicle

Once the transport company has all of this information they will then work on finding a truck that can deliver your vehicle in the time frame that has been discussed.