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Auto Shipping Notes From Dispatch

Our dispatchers are among the best in the industry when it comes to making sure your vehicle is delivered on time and in good condition. Through the use of our web-based transportation management system, ATLIS, our dispatchers are able to track your vehicle from pick up to delivery. We also understand that transporting your vehicle can be very stressful. In order to help ensure that your transportation experience is as easy as possible, we've put together a few simple guidelines to follow:

  • Provide accurate information for the origin and destination locations including address and phone number
  • Make sure that your vehicle is in good working order, starts and does not have any flat tires
  • Remove all personal items from the interior of the vehicle
  • Make sure your tank is roughly ¼ full
  • Inspect your vehicle with the driver when he arrives and keep a copy of the inspection for your records

Following these few steps will help ensure that your vehicle is going to be shipped correctly to its destination.