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Key Points to Help Expedite Your Auto Auction Purchases

At JMN we are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. To help make your next experience the best possible, we have listed below some key points to remember when you are preparing to ship auction purchases in the future:

  • Before vehicle transport please let JMN Transportation know when the money has been wired or transferred to the auction.
  • Auctions will not release vehicle(s) until paid for.
  • Whether you purchase online or at the auction itself, it is imperative to make sure the gate passes are marked with JMN and are placed at the gate.
  • Many elements can affect your ship time and price such as:
    • Quantity and size of vehicle(s) (single vs load)
    • Location of vehicle(s) (well traveled regional areas)
    • Inoperable vehicle(s)

For faster service, call ahead to your JMN sales representative and let them know from which auctions you will be purchasing vehicles. This will help to expedite your order.